We go by ‘Creating’ because that’s just what we love to do: create. We believe that truly great solutions come from genuine passion and craftsmanship fueled by the desire to create. From the desire to create simple yet elegant solutions to programming challenges, to creating business value through brilliant solutions.

We deliver better mobility and web solutions utilizing primarily the .NET platform. We’ve built some of the most popular apps for the Windows and Windows Phone platform. Perhaps you’ve used or are using one or two of them?

In a mobile-first and cloud-first world applications and solutions exist in a greater context. We believe that a key to success is a solid foundation of great architecture. Architecture communicates and creates understanding between stakeholders, sets a vision and a goal for any solution, allowing for small but smart decisions from the very beginning.

Simply put Creating is about delivering better solutions for mobility and web on great architecture – primarily using the .NET platform – in a world where everything is connected. Sound interesting? Drop us a line or call. We’d love to build fantastic things together.

What we do


Architecture is the very groundwork for any solution. It’s virtually the foundation for everything else. In order to build great mobile and web solutions architecture is where you start.


We believe in mobility as the experience – not the device or platform. We build cross-platform solutions using .NET. As track record we got some of the most popular apps for Windows Phone.


We”ve done the architecture and implementation for some of Sweden’s largest websites on the EPiServer platform. With an EPiServer MVP you could say we’re quite the experts in the field of .NET and CMS.


We’re absolutely in love with modern design as introduced by Microsoft. The bold colors and typography makes any app stand out. We think it’s brilliant and are pretty certain you will too.


Math Command

Is it possible to combine space invaders and math? We believe so! A great way for kids to learn math while blasting aliens out of the sky!

Wikipedia Spark

Wikipedia is fantastic. Therefore we’re bringing the best Wiki experience to Windows Phone and Windows with Wikipedia Spark.


A simple YouTube app for Windows Phone.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

- Albert Einstein
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